There will be 5 Main Classes that you can start off as, hopefully we can add subclasses down the line some time. You will remain a Peasant until you talk to the Wise Man in town to pick a class, peasants gain no stats from stat points so picking a class is very important.


Priests will specialize in healing and buffing others, best used in a party or group with others, though solo play is still possible as they can keep themselves alive quite long.

Main Stat: Wis

Secondary Stats: Con, Agi


Mages specialize in spell casting and doing damage from afar with some decent AoE thrown in as well. The downside to mages is their survivability, it is recommended to play this class with others.

Main Stat: Int

Secondary Stats: Wis, Agi, Con


Rogues are the damage dealing class of this game, they can deal insane damage. Rogues are good for solo play as they can have high Evasion alongside their high damage.

Main Stat: Str

Secondary Stats: Agi, Con


Rangers are the only class that can use bows, they will be able to do damage from afar.

Main Stat: Str

Secondary Stats: Agi, Con


Warriors are the tank class of the game, they will have very bulky defense and HP, with moderate melee damage. Warriors will excel in groups but can be played solo as well.

Main Stat: Str

Secondary Stats: Con, Agi

Stats Explained

So I've listed Main and secondary stats for the classes above, just what do they all do you ask? Main stat for each class simply increases that classes Damage. I will explain secondary stats below.

Con: Constitution is a measure of ones sturdiness, each class gains 2.5 hp per con, and 1 defense every X con. eg. a rogue gains 1 defense every 5 con, whereas a warrior gains 1 defense every 3 con.

Agi: Agility is how agile one is, every class gains Evasion and Accuracy from agility, so a bit is required for every class if you dont want to be missing alot versus higher level enemies. As it is with con, each class gains evasion and accuracy from different amounts of Agi.

Int: Int gives 1 tp per point put in to each class.

Wis: Wisdom gives 3 tp per point put in to each class.

Str: Strength Increases weight limit