Endless Dungeon Online is a privately-developed game based on the 2d Isometric mmorpg Endless online. We are in no way associated with Endless Online or Vult-R.

This Wiki will server as an information source for all players who wish to play on this private server.

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  • "Endless Dungeon" - The dungeon is of course not endless but we are always adding more floors. The goal of the game is simply to reach the furthest floor of the dungeon, while gaining sweet loot and competing to be the highest level.
  • Harsh Death Penalty - On death the player will drop all gear, whether equipped or on the inventory. We recommend the player store extra gear and money in the bank, located behind the church
  • Loot Protection - Should the player die, all loot will drop in a pile at the location they died. The loot will be protected from being picked by anyone except whom it belonged to up for 5 minutes, if the player does not pick up the loot it will be available to everyone, after 15 minutes has passed the loot will despawn.
  • Class Based - Unlike traditional EO this game will be more heavily class based, Warriors will tank, Mages will cast spells, and Priests will heal. This promotes party play as each class benefits from eachother. You cannot change classes at will unlike traditional EO. We also hope to bring Sub-classes in some time.
  • Items - Each and every item is unique in the way of stats. Tons of items ranging from 4 rarities. Type #item [item name] in game to see stats of certain items. (Without the brackets)
  • Pets - Pets that will help you fight, pets are extremely rare to get, unless you are a mage or ranger in which case you can learn to summon your pet at level 3. They level up with you and become stronger over time, buy pet potions and pet revives from the general shop to keep them alive! Use #pet commands to see some helpful commands. Click on your pet to see his stats/inventory.
  • Bonus Weekends! - Every Saturday players will receive a 20% bonus to XP gain, and every Sunday players will gain a 20% bonus to loot drop rate!
  • Simple Title System - Titles are tied to level, 10 titles for levelling between 10 and 200, the player with highest xp every friday will be rewarded with a custom title for a week.


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